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Our Achievements Summary

Founder and pioneers of:

  1. Universal process Model of radicalisation that fully explain the chronolgy and radicalisation as a process within human mind space..that is Why someone is radicalised and why others donot.How to retard, reverse and neutralise the radicalisation process at micro and macro levels.
  2. Knowledge based systematic and integrated methodolgy for prevention of radicalisation
  3. New universal model to understand and prevent insurgency, sectarian and religious violence for states at micro, group and macro levels.
  4. New model of drawing the prosecutional justice against the different phases of radicalisation to understand the degree and intensity of the radicalised mindspace to witness his intent because traits of intent are most difficult to describe for judiciary. Our research is exclusive and challenge anyother model or methodolgy about radicalisation as its basis is scientific and knowledge based.its important to know all existing methodologies to prevent violence and radicalisation are experience based and have no process model as foundation to control and evaluate the methodolgy at micro or macro level.
  5. An analytic and systematic model to project in advance ,leadership communication, public statements, words used, to identify in advance success, faliure, obstructions, resistance, targeted objects qualifications with tools of induction and submissions.
  6. Services.offering courses and consultancy. we are the first one established the courses for different state and public organs in radicalisation, extremism and Terrorism to understand phenomenon according to 1st Process model and knowledge based methodogy in the world.
  7. Our exclusive achievement. finding of 102 early traits and symptoms to establish systematic checklist for first line prationers to detect radicalised youth at early stage which is knowledge based subject to our model and equally experience based subject to 2000 study cases of radicalised persons.
  8. New model and method to evalute security risks and terror analysis on individuals, groups and macro level.
  9. A new course for security personals and management for creating better retrievals for prevension..

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Gap Analysis Book

Book will be out in june 2016.
Pre-order the book: post@radicalisation.no

Our Intellectual and Exclusive Strength for Institutions and States

  • Innovation
  • Advanced Strategic process models
  • Knowledge based methodologies
  • Advanced Strategic courses
  • Advanced Strategic analysis
  • Advanced Strategic evaluations
  • Advanced Strategic solutions
  • Advanced Strategic policy makings
  • Advanced Strategic consultancies
  • Empirical Process Models - Methodologies
  • Advanced Tools of Administrative Solutions
  • 9 Advanced Counter Radicalisation Solutions for State Administrations
  • Mathematical Equations of Radicalistaion for Evaluations


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