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Know How? Transfer

Our Services- based on process science and our exclusive designs of different process models.

  1. Evaluating radicalization, at Micro and macro level, city or country level through variables based on process model of radicalization.

  2. Formulating and Developing prevent programs at micro and macro level according to evaluations.

  3. Formulating the correct policy in counter radicalization based on the contents of evaluation. Policy for National, Provincial, regional, divisions, districts or local governments.

  4. De radicalization of radicalized individuals or groups.

  5. Systematic Investigative tools for Police in countering radicalization and terrorism. .knowledge transfer as short courses to teach police for systematic investigation and writing Charge sheet for prosecution based on factual evidence as cognitive ability and intention of threat in addition to physical evidences.

  6. Course for judges to understand the phenomenon for quick trial based on suspected/accused mind space functions and cognitive directions

  7. Developing Governments national action plan. Coordination of action plan between different organs of the governments based on division of work as a process dynamic.

  8. Formulating Educational policy as counter radicalization contents in our school education.

  9. Formulating Policy for religious groups, to develop compatibility between rule of law and religion, Diffusing conflicts between the state and religion.

  10. Dialogue and conflict resolution barometer with systematic tools for countering sectarian conflicts.

  11. Evaluation of contents quality of existing counter radicalization prevent program based on the true contents of the problem. Policy evaluation of existing prevention programs based on contents of the action plan in relevance to true contents of the problem as process.

  12. Process model for evaluating state socio economic policy including subsidy elimination etc.(during formulation and before implementation phase) to avoid protests, strikes and revolt.

  13. Counter radicalization Courses for teachers, imams, first line Practice staff and others

  14. Many other administrative tools based on process models in policy making and implementation.

  15. Counter radicalization conferences seminars workshops


More information available at our website and publications at my LinkedIn profile in publication sections.

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Gap Analysis Book

Book will be out in june 2016.
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Our Intellectual and Exclusive Strength for Institutions and States

  • Innovation
  • Advanced Strategic process models
  • Knowledge based methodologies
  • Advanced Strategic courses
  • Advanced Strategic analysis
  • Advanced Strategic evaluations
  • Advanced Strategic solutions
  • Advanced Strategic policy makings
  • Advanced Strategic consultancies
  • Empirical Process Models - Methodologies
  • Advanced Tools of Administrative Solutions
  • 9 Advanced Counter Radicalisation Solutions for State Administrations
  • Mathematical Equations of Radicalistaion for Evaluations


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